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AutoPro is designed for used carlots that provide in-house financing. Users establish their customer database and lot inventory. As sales are made, accounts receivables (loans) are created. Finance charges are automatically calculated based on each individual sales contract.

Payment Receipts include customer information, vehicle information, finance charges, principle payments, as well as current balance due. This saves valuable time when receipts have been lost or misplaced. Past payments can be reprinted at anytime with cumulative balances. Receipts may also record personal check and credit card payment information.

Balance Due Amounts are instantly available when a customer requests it.

AutoPro keeps track of customers and lot inventory. Sales reports are generated for user-defined date ranges. Vehicle maintenance costs can be entered to help determine profitability of each sale.

AutoPro is a shared relational database MS-Windows application. There is no limit to the number of records, no annual fees, and no additional software required. Tech support and training are available at hourly rates to registered users.

The right software can increase your profitability by tracking receivables and properly calculating finance and late-payment charges. Customers will be likely to return if the sales experience has been good. Most importantly, they will also tell all their friends.

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Create Loans

Finance Charges

Receive Payments

Print Receipts

Track Inventory

Track Receivables

Activity Reports

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