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Auto Light Truck Repair Shop Management Software


Create a pleasant experience for your customers with fair and correct pricing to insure their continued business.

Our original software program for light truck, car and auto repair shops was AcctPro. All the Acctrpro features have now been incorporated into DieselPro, for a single robust program to serve the auto diesel repair industry. Several modules make up a customer's software system, selected, giving our users a unique system that satisifies their software requirements.

DieselPro was developed for independent heavy diesel truck and off-road equipment repair shops. It resolves many issues with other canned software, as the features and functions in DieselPro were created from years of consulting with shop owners, probably like yourself. Data Image is the owner and developer of DieselPro, and has been providing industry standard Microsoft Windows applications since 1986.

DieselPro is available on the IBM Cloud. You never have to worry about a server or local network, and access to your system is available anytime, anywhere via Internet connectivity. Contact us today for a FREE demo and pricing.


DieselPro pays for itself, over and over. Simple errors and omissions are costly and cannot be recovered. We make it easy to create shop orders and invoices and verify their correctness before presenting to the customer. You will quickly correct shop order quantities and pricing, with no hassle, and see profits increase.